While Baltimore’s City Center is a well known commercial hub, our neighborhood has recently witnessed a residential boom. With apartment and condo “conversions” and newly constructed units opening at a rapid rate over the past ten years, City Center is now home to nearly 10,000 residents.  Our members, who are city voters and taxpayers, were previously unrepresented by an organized neighborhood association.  The CCRA now fills that void. Formed in 2017 by current president Bill King and a cadre of fellow residents, the CCRA boasts an impressive record of community events, neighborhood improvement initiatives, and advocacy efforts, including:

  • Launching a monthly community clean up
  • Securing the installation of new trees along Lombard Street
  • Hosting two neighborhood Q&A nights with Councilman Eric Costello 
  • Organizing a community flower planting day at Center Plaza in coordination with the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore 
  • Sponsoring three “Christmas in July” canned food collection drives to benefit local families in need at Baltimore’s Franciscan Center
  • Hosting over twenty community social events to highlight local restaurants, bars, and cultural attractions
  • Creating and maintaining a community Facebook group 
  • Preparing a survey asking how residents use City Center’s parks and public spaces and exploring ways that we can improve those spaces going forward 
  • Drafting a one-pager of public safety and community improvement resources tailored just for residents
  • Hosting an elected officials forum with 40th and 46th district state senators and delegates

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