Dear Members of Baltimore’s City Center Resident Association,

We hope that you and your families are well during these difficult times.  Like many organizations across the globe, the CCRA has been challenged by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.  Earlier this year, several members of the CCRA leadership team, including our President, Vice President, and Secretary, asked to step away from their roles.  The organization has adapted, and we are excited to announce that CCRA Directors Miji Bell and Brad Byrnes have been elected by the Board of Directors to serve as Vice President and Secretary, respectively, for the remainder of 2020. 

As for the role of President, the CCRA Board has voted to invite Bill King, the CCRA’s founder and past President, to serve as interim President of the association for the remainder of the year.  Our hope is that Bill’s presence will provide some stability as we refocus the CCRA’s mission in 2020 and work with our community partners to make the best of this new normal in Baltimore’s downtown core.  Bill has accepted our invitation and is eager to lend his time to the CCRA once again.  

Under the Bylaws of the CCRA, because Bill is no longer a current Director of the association, a membership vote is needed to (1) approve Bill to serve as a Director and interim President for the remainder of the year; and (2) amend the Bylaws to permit a person like Bill who works, but no longer lives, within the CCRA’s boundaries to serve as a Director and Officer of the CCRA.  The Board unanimously supports both measures and invites you to vote “Yes” on the measures by clicking the button below.  

We have done our best to continue to serve the residents, small businesses, and other stakeholders within the heart of downtown Baltimore during these trying times.  Thank you to those who joined us for our mayoral candidates forum via Zoom earlier this year.  Stay tuned to our website ( for news and upcoming events.  We look forward to the CCRA’s next chapter!

Thank you, and please vote by clicking the button below,
-City Center Residents Association Board of Directors