• Community-Building & Neighborhood Events

Residents, and prospective residents, object that Baltimore’s downtown core lacks the “warmth” and “community feel” of a traditional row home neighborhood.  The CCRA is committed to fostering a sense of community by:

  • Maintaining and growing our community Facebook discussion group and newsletter
  • Advertising happenings in the community to residents via email and social media 
  • Hosting monthly social, informational, and community service events 
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

There’s no denying that City Center streets and sidewalks lack the luster and cohesiveness of other Downtowns, as well as Baltimore’s Harbor East.  The CCRA will apply pressure on public and private stakeholders to improve our infrastructure by:

  • Identifying a list of problem blocks and forming coalitions to address them
  • Lobbying City and State decision-makers to improve public transit safety and quality
  • Working with the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, and others to improve and make better use of public spaces
  • Retail & Development

Residents and visitors lament the blocks of vacant properties, and lack of unique or innovative retail options, in Baltimore’s downtown core.  The CCRA is committed to inspiring smart growth and development by: 

  • Forming a task force to support existing retailers and encourage new retail
  • Brokering a settlement of years-long disputes surrounding the Mechanic Theater site and encouraging development of other long-vacant properties
  • Launching a campaign to deter loitering and aggressive panhandling
  • Public Safety & Security

Crime in City Center has reached a boiling point, and no one seems to have a serious solution.  The CCRA is committed to doing its part to curb the violence by:

  • Distributing a one-pager of public safety resources to residents and businesses
  • Heading an effort to register private security cameras with CityWatch Partnership
  • Putting forth specific proposals to improve collaboration between police and private security assets (e.g., matching uniforms, improved communications and training)