CCRA Policy on Requests for Letters of Support

The CCRA is happy to consider requests asking us to support projects (including development projects, permitting approvals, and arts/entertainment programming) in our neighborhood.  If you are not sure if your project is located within our organization’s geographic boundaries, please consult our neighborhood map here:

If possible, please submit all requests by the last day of the month, so we may consider them at our monthly Board meeting for the following month (which takes place on the first Tuesday of each month).  We will entertain requests for an expedited review, but those will be on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee a timely response.  Please email all requests to

Along with your request, please provide the following:

1.  Description of the project;
2.  A proposed draft of the letter of support (or email or public statement—whatever format is required) that you would like us to adopt; and
3.  Description of how the project will improve the culture and character of the neighborhood, and the interests of residents (see our Vision and Mission statement for guidance: